Join the Ninja Division Australian Team!

Join the Ninja Division Australian Team!

Join the Ninja Division Australian Team!

Since we began Community Spotlight, Ninjas around the world have been sending us new submissions of painted miniatures, articles, and more! We have just begun to scratch the surface in sharing all of the amazing stuff we are receiving from fans around the world. We thought it would be fun to do a series of Community Spotlights that focus on a specific region or country, over a week, showing off some epic fan creations as well as introducing you to new communities you can join.

The Ninja Division Australian Team is a natural starting place for our first team feature since we have already done spotlights about the incredible work of both Shannon Bourke and his daughter Serraphine Bourke. If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at their spotlights, it’s worth following the links above to see even more of their outstanding brushwork!

Tengu and Dark Kitsune by Shannon Bourke


Twilight Knight and Arena Champion by Shannon Bourke


Questing Knight Anthony by Serraphine Bourke


Cerci Speed Circuit Pacer by Serraphine Bourke


Shannon runs the Ninja Division Australian Team Facebook page. If you are from the area you should definitely join the group and share your stuff!

A Facebook community page, from fans for fans.

This week we will be doing Community Spotlights to share Ninja goodness from other awesome Australians. Plus, in the coming weeks, we will feature more Ninja Teams from around the world! 

If you'd like to see your stuff featured as part of a future Community Spotlight, send us your best fiction, paint jobs, adventures, and other cool content to, share with us on Twitter @ninjadiv, or use #ninjadivision on Instagram!


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