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Birth of Kagejima

In the time before the sun, the stars alone cast shimmering reflections on the black waters. Ameratsu dipped her great spear deep below the waves, and the first light rippled through the water. As she drew the bejeweled weapon forth, the light arose and blazed across the sky. Droplets rained down in the wake of the shining blade and scattered across the face of the waters to form the lands of the world and all that dwells within it. The new light, however, did not fall upon everything equally. A drop fell away from the others, unseen and obscured, and the radiance of the sun touched it only thinly. Here, the sun only deepened the shadows. Here, those things that wished to hide from the new world found refuge under the trees and hills.


Super Dungeon Goemon
Goemon is a Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


But all shadows love the light to flatter them and give them shape. The cool illumination of the moon found a purchase on this dark land that the sun’s hot brilliance could never hold, and all who dwelled there embraced its pale power. And so, shadowveiled Kagejima came into the world, shrouded by mist and unmarked by all but the great sea.



The first humans came from the Empire of the Sun, when that ancient realm was in its earliest flush of youth and vigor. Hardy, rugged men and women who loved the edges of civilization more than its heart, these explorers loved the island’s wild beauty and mystery. They did not name the island, however. They learned its name. The spirits of this new land, the kami, who watched these people take their first cautious steps under the trees and build fires on the beach, whispered in the quiet of the moonrise, “Kagejima”. And so it was.



Super Dungeon Shrine Sisters
Shrine Sisters is a Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


Kagejima is a land of mysteries. Here, the six elements flow with a freedom and abandon not seen in brighter lands. The first humans found that the water tasted sweeter, and the flowers smelled more fragrant. The darkness felt colder too, and the places of death drained the spirit. But this close to the mystical power of the land—a power unburned by the light of the sun—they found a life more vibrant than any they had ever known.


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