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Shadows Come for us All!

Kasi has always tread the thin, silver line between light and dark, good and evil. Playing the role of assassin provides some catharsis from the constant battle raging within her soul. Mixing the most potent of poisons, Kasi is a natural in her element as a powerful assassin.


Super Dungeon Kasi


Able to get around Kasi has both Stealth and Surefoot, dealing out Poison blows with each swing of her blades. While summoning her power to disable and smite enemies, she can unleash a powerful Hex Bolt from her crossbow, dealing both Hex and getting a lively boost to the DEX on her attack roll.


Super Dungeon Kasi


To ensure that she can quickly escape a counter attack, Kasi’s Nether Ash reduces range of attacks against the model under its effect. Truly, Kasi is at one with the darkness!


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