Kodama Gardener and Blossom

Kodama Gardener and Blossom
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Kodama Gardener and Blossom

“Go out into the world, spread your love for the Goddess with each seed you lay. May your blessed tools help you in your labor to turn earth and prepare beds for our future!” - Wilt Greenleaf, Master Gardener.

All is not doom and darkness, the Goddess shows us light! Joining our ranks of heroes is the fearless and talented Kodama Gardener and her pet Sprout, Blossom!


Kodama Gardener


Kodama are forest spirits, the Goddesses guardians and protectors of her creation. Shy and elusive they typically shun other races, preferring to tend to the plants in their care, chatter, and dance to the songs of the wind and water. The Dark Consul has corrupted many Kodama who now attack trespassers, where once they would us illusion and guile to lead them away from sacred sites.


Super Dungeon Kodama Gardener


But all is not lost to the Consul’s evil influence. Some Kodama have been inspired by signs and messages, believed to be from the Goddesses scattered spirit itself. All too aware of the corruption in their own gardens, the Gardeners, after cutting out the corruption stem and root, look to the horizon and take pity on the other races and lend their aid. So, they will shoulder the tools of their trade, bind a leafy pouch of new seed to plant, and bring with them invaluable medicines and arts to combat corruption in all it’s forms. And not a moment too soon.


Super Dungeon Kodama Gardener


The Kodama Gardener is a powerful hero with some striking abilities. Her reach of 3 gives her quite a bit of area control, and her potion grants bonuses from the Mighty Monster Chart making her late-game boosts quite powerful.



Forever a merry companion to the Kodama, sprouts have recently been given a bad name due to their cousins in the realm of the Forgotten King. In the hands of a skilled gardener, a whole new Kodama village can grow in the shade of a single good sprout.


Super Dungeon Kodama Gardener


Blossom is just such a sprout. It follows loyally at the heels of it’s gardener, helping her on her journey, and hopefully, one day, will settle root in a new place to bring peaceful life to a new Kodama community under the care of such a gardener while it grows.


Super Dungeon Kodama Gardener


As a Sprout, Blossom doesn't move in the typical way, instead, when it activates it can reposition against a nearby wall or structure. Working in tandem with her pet, the Kodama Gardener can utilize Blossom’s placement to move around the board even more freely. Such is the relationship between a good Gardener and her Sprout.


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