Krampus and Kringle Now Available!

Krampus and Kringle Now Available!

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Seasonal Limited Edition Masterclass Miniatures Now Available!



Twas the dark night of Krampusnacht,
and all through the house, 
not a creature was stirring,
for fear it would rouse the wrath of the Krampus
on all who were there.
His mighty teeth he would bare,
to all naughty children
this night brings despair.
Only with holiday cheer can Krampus be beaten
So grab a wreath, open bright gifts, 
then fill your stockings with lead,
or by morning we will all surely be eaten.







The winter solstice is a time of family and celebration for the citizens of Crystalia. Warm around their hearths, sipping on mugs of hot chocolate, they tell stories of the mischievous faerie known as Kringle who rewards those who have been nice and punishes the naughty.


 Krampus and Kringle will only be available for order through January 31, 2021.


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