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Lahkpa is a class of spirit that can be conjured to assist a band of heroes to find their way through treacherous terrain and magically hidden entrances to dungeons hidden by the Dark Consul. Just be sure that you don’t hold back Lahkpa’s share of loot, it lead you in, but it doesn’t have to lead you out.


Super Dungeon Lahkpa


Lahkpa is a finesse hero. It flies, and can't be affected by Ice or Knockdown. With it’s Ice Quake, it can leave many foes knocked down and frozen to the spot. Conjuring pure cold energy and magic, Lahkpa can also cast Blackened Fingers due to its horrid effect on enemies, a powerful magic blast will freeze enemies and also do Massive Damage.


Super Dungeon Lahkpa


But where Lahkpa shines is its bottle of Guiding Light. This potion grants an additional 3 movement points to its friendly target, and any interactions with chests are free (costing zero actions) as the effected hero gains Proficient during its activation. Combine this with a The Mountain's Blessings for both healing and a boost to your armor and Lahkpa is a friend worth having just about anywhere!


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