Last Chance For Celebration Candy and Rainbow Dragoon!

Last Chance For Celebration Candy and Rainbow Dragoon!

Celebration Candy and Rainbow Dragoon

All good things must come to an end. And so that time has come for Limited Edition miniatures Celebration Candy and the Rainbow Dragoon.

We will accept orders for both of these miniatures through Sunday, December 15th.  After that time we will do one last production run to fulfill all remaining orders and the miniatures will no longer be available.

Rainbow Dragoon

Rainbow Falls is one of the most beautiful and idyllic places in all of Celestia. But this beautiful scenery is also the training ground of one of Celestia's most deadly forces: the Rainbow Dragoons. These warriors are trained in every manner of combat and weapon imaginable, and they have access to a vast armory, making them fearsome opponents for the forces of darkness.

Celebration Candy

Soda Pop Miniatures is 10! Don't miss out on getting your piece of cake with the intrepid Celebration Candy and Cola!

Available Until December 15!

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