Last Chance for Limited Editions!

Last Chance for Limited Editions!

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Springtime Druid, Formless Hanzo, and Otto The Royal Paladin Leaving Soon!

The time has come for three of our Limited Edition models to leave Shojo's Shop. This month we will be retiring Springtime Druid, Formless Hanzo and Otto The Royal Paladin.

All three Super Dungeon Limited Editions will be available for order until September 28th. After the 28th we will make one last production run of them to fulfill all orders. Fulfillment of this final production run will be made end of October and the beginning of November. 

Super Dungeon Otto The Royal Paladin

Otto The Royal Paladin

The divine paladins of the Goddess are champions against the spreading darkness. Powerful warriors and healers. They serve as a bright beacon of hope—a rallying cry— of the Goddess, driving back the shadow and reclaiming Crystalia for all her children.

Super Dungeon Formless Hanzo

Formless Hanzo

Hanzo has been called many things over his long and storied life: master, teacher, monster. His team won the Moonlight Tournament twenty-two years ago through legendary speed and infamous cunning. He displayed all these qualities in the Sun Empire, but added another—treachery—for the first and only time, a Kagejima shinobi decided to stay with the Sun Court.

Super Dungeon Springtime Druid

Springtime Druid

The Festival of Spring is celebrated throughout Crystalia, each culture of the realms celebrating it in their own unique way. Overseeing the festivities are the Springtime Druids. These bright and cheerful druids serve as emissaries of the Deeproot Tree, pushing back the corruption of the Dark Consul and allowing new life to bloom. 

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