Last Chance for Limited Editions!

Last Chance for Limited Editions!
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The Relic Knights Pets and Lrod Retire.

It had been a while since players had the chance to pick up Randy, Lrod of Spiders. A great addition to any collection, this Mini-Boss prefers to summon minions to get the job done but, on occasion, comes out from the dust and gloom to do the job themselves. 

Super Dungeon Randy Lrod of Spiders


After coming back for a month, Randy is ready for another of his naps. Along with the three lovable Pets, Static, Mr Milky and Cupid, these Limited Edition Masterclass miniatures will be leaving Shojo's Shop, once more.


Super Dungeon x Relic Knights Pet Pack


Randy, Lrod of Spiders and the Super Dungeon x Relic Knights Pet Pack will be leaving the store at the end of Sunday the 12th of September, meaning you have until the end of the weekend to get your orders in!


Don't miss out on these Limited Edition Miniatures, order today!


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