Last Chance for Limited Editions!

Last Chance for Limited Editions!
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Candy And Cola Return To The Crypt!

During the Harvest season, Candy and Cola got all dressed up for all the exciting parties as well as some epic and whimsical adventures.


Super Dungeon Candy, Mistress of Darkness
Candy, Mistress of Darkness is a Limited Edition Hero model for Super Dungeon.


With Candy became the macabre maiden as the Mistress of Darkness and Cola donning a cute and lovable King Starfire costume for his Trick-or-Treat Cola antics, there was much merriment to be had.

Super Dungeon Trick-or-Treat Cola
Trick-or-Treat Cola is a Limited Edition Hero model for Super Dungeon.


Alas, all parties must come to an end and it is time for Candy and her partner in confectionary crime to hang up their costumes.

Today is your last chance to get Candy, Mistress of Darkness and Trick-or-Treat Cola as these Limited Edition Masterclass Miniatures will be leaving the store at the end of today, Sunday the 16th of January. 


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