Last Chance for Limited Editions!

Last Chance for Limited Editions!
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The Romancers Retire

It's been nearly 3 months since Candy, Lady Of The Heart and Casanova Cola charmed their way into Super Dungeon and, as with all Limited Edition releases, it's time for them to retire to the castle.

Super Dungeon Candy, Lady of The Heart

Candy, Lady Of The Heart is a Limited Edition Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


Candy is heading back to focus on her studies with Princess Ruby, there's only so much a heart can take. As for the sweet Casanova Cola has decided it's not fair for him to hog all the attention and is stepping aside for another swashbuckler to have a chance, what a gentleman!

Super Dungeon Casanova Cola
Casanova Cola is a Limited Edition Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


Candy, Lady Of The Heart and Casanova Cola will be leaving the store at the end of Sunday the 8th of May, after which we will make one last production run to fulfil any pending pre-orders.

You have until the end of the weekend to get your orders in!


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