Last Chance for Pre-Orders

Last Chance for Pre-Orders
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Pre-Order Ends Today!

Hoarfang's mighty wings spread ready to soar off into the icy waste of the Frostbyte Reach in preparation for battle! Time is ticking and today is your last chance to take advantage of her pre-order price.

Super Dungeon Hoarfang


This magnificent centerpiece has an impressive wingspan, with each wing measuring a whopping 5.5”/14cm, and a total model width of 9”/23cm! She is our first model to take up 9 squares of the dungeon with a massive 75mm base and some hefty rules to match (including her own Mighty Monster Chart)!


Super Dungeon Hoarfang


We are delighted to bring this amazing (and huge) Masterclass Miniature to your Super Dungeon collection and can't wait to see her on your tabletops!

Hoarfang is available at a pre-order price of $99.99. The pre-order window is closing at Midnight, Sunday the 17th of July. After this date she will be available for $124.99.


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