Last Week For Novel Masterclass!

Last Week For Novel Masterclass!
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Final Week To Get Blaze, Treffen, and Sai!

Super Dungeon Treffen the Glimmerdusk Ranger

We hope you are enjoying some holiday reading with the incredible Super Dungeon novels from Future House Publishing. Unfortunately, the time has come to say goodbye to the Limited Edition Masterclass miniature tie-ins.

Super Dungeon Blaze the Ember Mage

Blaze the Ember Mage, Treffen the Glimmerdusk Ranger, and Sai the Riftling Rogue are only available through January 10th! Once this period ends we will do the last production order to fulfill any outstanding orders.

Super Dungeon Sai the Riftling Rogue

Don't delay, get this tremendous trio today!

 The above miniatures were painted by Rachel Frost from Stardust Miniatures.

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