Leopold Magnus

Leopold Magnus
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Dark Wizardry and the Legend of Leopold Magnus

Leopold Magnus is not one of the more pleasant individuals in the Last Galaxy, and he is no more pleasant when he joins a game of Super Dungeon. He frequently destroys monsters other Heroes did most of the damage to, takes all the loot, and runs off laughing. Even so, he is a skilled Hero player, and he can frequently be a huge asset to his party.

Bursting at the seams with magical potential, Leopold Magnus starts with a hearty 2 Red WILL and a ranged attack at 3 spaces. Set with Deadly Defense and a predisposed alignment with Static, his pet, the start of game for Leopold can be quite good. Able to score Critical Defense on defense rolls, Leopold Magnus will deal damage to sloppy enemies from the moment the game starts.


Super Dungeon Leopold Magnus


His power and abilities are no less dangerous, Psychic Overload is a range 6 WILL based attack that adds an additional blue dice and Arc to the attack. Arc will then, if the dice are in your favor, continue to bounce to new targets until its energy is spent, allowing for a fully powered up Leopold Magnus to chicken fry a whole room of baddies. Another deadly trick he has up his sleeve is Essence Drain, this boon allows the intended target to Heal 1 wound each time if inflicts a wound with an offensive action.


Super Dungeon Leopold Magnus


His starting potion, Distilled Essence, is a mirror of the sneaky tricks he gets up to in the Last Galaxy, we don’t ask where he gets this essence, but he imbibes it all the same. This powerful draught has the power to reduce all offensive and all defensive rolls, against Leopold, by 1 star until its effects abate.


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