Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow
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Light and Shadow

Crystalia is ever a changing swirl of light and shadow. Good triumphs in the Goddesses name, and the Dark Consul raises new dark heroes to challenge the light in his eternal fight for conquest and domination of the free peoples of the land.

This week we are introduced to two avatars of dark and light. The Lunar Elf Bladedancer, and the Outcast Vampyr.


Super Dungeon Bladedancer
Bladedancer is a Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


The Lunar Elf Bladedancer comes from a long line of warrior masters, artists with the blade. The few that remain look to make acolytes of the sword from those they deem worthy to pass on what they have learned.


Super Dungeon Outcast Vampyr
Outcast Vampyr is a Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


Not all heroes come from glittering spires or grand castles, since the Baron has taken to casting out other Vampires, these far flung neck biters will sometimes tread the path of the hero in a grand effort to rebrand themselves.

So, take shadow, take light, take them both. These new heroes are available for pre-order, now.


Add These New Heroes To Your Party, Today!


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