Limited Edition and Golden Kobold Holiday Extensions

Limited Edition and Golden Kobold Holiday Extensions
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We know that the holidays are a busy time for everybody. So due to popular request, we are announcing extensions for both Golden Kobold and for ordering the Limited Edition Super Dungeon miniatures of Celebration Candy and the Rainbow Dragoon.

Limited Edition Masterclass Miniatures

Celebration Candy and the Rainbow Dragoon are only available through December 31st. This is a preorder for the FINAL production run. At that time we will do the final production run and fulfill all remaining orders.

Super Dungeon Celebration Candy Yeji Kim
Painted by Yeji Kim of Snickersnack Studios

10th Anniversary Celebration Candy

This year Soda Pop Miniatures turned ten years old and the intrepid duo Celebration Candy and Cola are here to celebrate!


Super Dungeon Rainbow Dragoon

Painted by Rachel Frost of Stardust Miniatures

Rainbow Dragoon

Rainbow Falls is one of the most beautiful and idyllic places in all of Celestia. But this beautiful scenery is also the training ground of one of Celestia's most deadly forces: the Rainbow Dragoons. These warriors are trained in every manner of combat and weapon imaginable, and they have access to a vast armory, making them fearsome opponents for the forces of darkness.


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Golden Kobold Deadline Extended

We have already received many beautiful entries for Golden Kobold. We are always awestruck by the creativity and skill of our hobby community.

However, we have had many people tell us that with holiday travel, parties, and food comas, that they are strained for time to get their Golden Kobold entries in by the end of the year timeline.

So we are happy to announce that the entry deadline is now extended to January 31, 2020!

Golden Kobold Trophies

If you've always wanted a chance to win one of the awesome Golden Kobold trophies but haven't been able to make it to Gencon, this year's online competition is the perfect opportunity. Head over to the Golden Kobold page to read up on the entry details and get painting!


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