Lunar Mage

Lunar Mage
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By The Power Of The Moon, I Banish You!

The beauty of the Dragonback mountains and the thrumming power in their heart captivated the early elves, who had spread out from the Fae Wood, and they found numerous strange minerals and gems. When the moon first rose its light glittering on these gems seemed as stars fallen to earth. Captivated, they stayed. Inspired, they constructed soaring towers that imitated the trees they remembered. They carved graceful homes along ridges and cliffs, mirroring the strength and beauty of the mountains they had adopted. All the while, they kept in sight of the moon, and their magic grew. The harnessing of the moonstones was the key to their success. Using these unique gems, they were able to strengthen and solidify their power, harnessing even the ephemeral beauty of the moonlight itself. This gave them the name Lunar Elves, and magnificent was their power and pride.


Super Dungeon Lunar Mage


The Lunar Mage is a powerful addition to the questing parties of heroes in Super Dungeon. Elves are already fast moving and powerful magic users, and this mage is no exception. Harnessing the power of the moon, she channels its powerful forces to overwhelm her opponents while darting around the dungeon!


Super Dungeon Lunar Mage


For players who want a powerful hero, the Lunar Mage is your girl. Crater is one of blasts enemies with Massive Damage and Brutal Strike at up to 6 squares away! Her support ability, Phases of the Moon, allows you to select a discarded loot card and place it out in front of you. ALL the playing heroes gain bonuses from the chosen loot item while it is in play. At the start of the Lunar Mage’s next activation, return the loot to the bottom of the loot deck! That can really be a powerful boon for heroes down on their luck! 


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