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This month is exciting, we have eager and dangerous denizens of Crystalian Dungeons clawing their way to thwart our heroes advance! Good thing there are more stalwart and loyal pets to stand by our heroes’ side to keep an eye out for hordes of creeping danger.

But first...


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To celebrate the holidays, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all qualifying orders made from Wednesday December 8th 2021 to Sunday 19th December 2021. Any orders made during that time will be combined into one exciting parcel on Monday December 20th 2021 and any shipping charges will be refunded.

To qualify, the value of all order(s) made during the promotional period must total at least:

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Please Note: UK and EU orders must be made from the UK webstore in order to qualify.


Super Dungeon Candy


Shipping will be charged as usual then refunded on Monday December 20th 2021. All order(s) must be placed from one account and be shipped to one address. This promotion cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

Any orders including any pre-order items will be held until all items on the order are available. If you have pending Relic Knights Kickstarter rewards, your order will be held, unless you specifically add a note to the order requesting that is shipped without rewards. 


What are Creeps?

Unlike Pets, Creeps have fallen under the sway of the Dark Consul. They are not the most powerful forces at the Consul’s disposal, but their frailty and malleability make them the perfect lackeys to perform mundane tasks such as fetching ingredients for a powerful spell or relaying messages. Every Dungeon Boss has their own favorite Creeps which they use to help carry out a variety of malicious plots.


Super Dungeon Spiteful Cherubs
Spiteful Cherub is a Pets & Creeps model set for Super Dungeon.


Creeps come in many different shapes and sizes, and are frequently packaged with a Dungeon Boss. We are now making a selection of these classic creeps available separately to liven up your dungeons and spread chaos across Crystalia!


Super Dungeon Dirty Rats
Dirty Rats is a Pets & Creeps model set for Super Dungeon.

There are the Spiteful Cherubs that flock to the Demon Queen Araphel. The eyes and ears of the Clockwork Coves’ most notorious pickpocket, the Dirty Rats of the Pauper Prince. And last but not least, the ghostly companions of the Onryo of Kagejima, the Chōchin-Obake.


Super Dungeon Chochin-Obake
Chōchin-Obake is a Pets & Creeps model set for Super Dungeon.


But not all permutations of these ravening hordes fall sway to the Consuls dark powers. Friendly spirits reside within the most wretched shells. As there are faithful and true hearted cherubs, rats, and obake that are given a spark of goodness to find kinship and make great pet companions of our heroes.


Add More Creeps To Your Dungeon, Now!



Christmas is a time for giving!

This season reminds us that even the most terrible bosses can find gifts to warm their horrible black hearts. This week, we are happy to announce that we will be updating Onryo, The Pauper Prince, Araphel and the Gnomish Excavator with new Relics, and Challenges to bring them in line with the challenges and rewards that other Dungeon Bosses offer. Not only that but the owner of the Gnomish Excavator has been identified as the demented Professor Cackle-Clink.


Super Dungeon Professor Cackle-Clink


These upgrade decks are available individually, or if you own all these dastardly Dungeon Bosses, as part of a limited time discounted bundle available through Sunday January 9th, 2022.


Super Dungeon Demon Queen Araphel Upgrade Deck


These great expansions will make sure that no trip into the Dungeons are without the challenge and depth that a proper game of Super Dungeon deserves! Now all your Dungeon Bosses can offer an equal variety of terror and mayhem!


Upgrade Your Dungeon Bosses, Today!


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