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Power Through Firepower

The Sohei have drawn adepts from many walks of life, Magoichi is just such an enlightened soul. Bringing his overpowering love for the black powder of the Tora, and his custom Tanegashima-hand cannon, Magoichi has helped to fell many foul beasts and enemies of the Sohei.


Super Dungeon Magoichi


With an impressive DEX range of 10 and 2 Red Attack dice to start, there is little that this warrior monk cannot reach out and touch during a fight. With Discipline he gains an additional Blue attack dice when adjacent to a friendly hero, but, with such a powerful weapon, should the enemy roll a critical defense, Magoichi can wound himself due to Reckless.


Super Dungeon Magoichi


To lay into his abilities, the warrior monk can make use of his his weapon to either load MORE POWDER to gain Massive Damage, Improved Critical, and Brutal Strike, at the risk of taking damage if he misses the shot. Should that not do the trick, Magoichi can instead, pack anything that will fit into the end of his gun for a staggering wave 8 ranged attack!  Allies beware!

Once you wipe off the soot from hanging around with this guy, you will come to appreciate his fanatic devotion to the holy weapon at his disposal.


Blow Away The Dungeon With Magoichi! 


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