Maleficent Idol and Lunar Mage Now Available!

Maleficent Idol and Lunar Mage Now Available!

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Maleficent Idol


Usually Araphel's dealings and worship are done in secret. Her followers move about in the shadows, applying subtle influence and spinning devious webs. However, there are places in the Dark Realm and the hidden corners of Crystalia where Araphel is worshipped openly. In these places a Maleficent Idol is erected in Araphel's honor, carved in her likeness with the chained heart that has come to signify devotion to her.

The Maleficent Idol is an all new Spawning Point!


Lunar Mage

 “Did you... did you just pull a piece of the moon from the sky to squash that wretch?”

Lunar Mage is a new Hero for your games of Super Dungeon!


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