Maleficent Idol: Gameplay

Maleficent Idol: Gameplay
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Openly in Worship, Maleficent Idol!

The Lady of Deceit's greatest skill is to spin truth into her web of lies until the difference is indiscernable. Thus entangled, she deftly weaves threads of chaos into the fabric of adventuring parties and nations alike. To be in the presence of Demon Queen Araphel is to be confronted by such staggering demonic majesty that the senses reel and one's own body betrays them.


Super Dungeon Maleficent Idol


The interconnectedness of rules and abilities of the Demon Queen Araphel's Spawns and Bosses can make for an incredibly thematic dungeon. The Maleficent idol readies a Master of Chains, Heartbound, and host of the devoted to fall into battle at Her request.

The idol, ever so brazenly erected… still has a hefty armor of 2 White Stars, and Stealth, making it so you need to get up close and personal to do your damage. If you can get past its worshippers, that is.


Super Dungeon Maleficent Idol


The Master of Chains, is a direct messenger of Araphel, and as such has some powerful abilities. Her deadly sickle and chain have a reach of 3 with a Blue and Green dice STR attack. Heavy ARM of 1 Green die also means she's not someone to be taken lightly.

Like most of Araphel's succubi minions, she possesses Obscene Whispers and can use this ability to Compel hero's movements. Her Sense Weakness means she can add an additional Green die to any offensive attack against an enemy with status effects. But she wouldn’t be a Master of Chains without Dance For Me, this is her ability to take control, ensnaring the Heroes in her vicinity with even more Compelled movement, keeping them well out of striking range but close enough for her attacks.


Super Dungeon Maleficent Idol


As a leader in the cult of Araphel, the Heartbound has a different role to play. While not overly powerful individually, his abilities are not to be laughed at. Death Curse leaves behind a random status effect in his square should he be removed from play, and it remains until an unwitting hero is Compelled to run over and suffer its effects!

Blood Sacrifice is a ranged WILL attack that deals Massive Damage, but in order to take this action, the Heartbound will have to destroy an adjacent 8-bit monster. (Sorry little Devout) To up his status effect game, there is also Araphel's Blessing, which allows the Heartbound, for a single action, to select a status effect token and place it in an adjacent square.


Super Dungeon Maleficent Idol


Finally, we look at the brave Devout. With a very basic combat statline, these robed acolytes shuffle about doing their mistresses bidding. They are also afflicted with the same Death Curse as their leader. So, unless they are chosen for sacrifice, they will also deposit a random status effect at their feet when they shrug off the mortal coil.

So insidious, so clever, so dangerous, the Maleficent Idol really delivers on flavorful and dangerous fun!


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