Masterclass Ninja Available!

Masterclass Ninja Available!
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New Limited Edition Super Dungeon Masterclass!

Super Dungeon introduces it first Masterclass ninjas from the shadowy realm of Kagejima! Goemon and the Blind Swordsman see their very first retail release in high quality resin. Fan-favorite Hanzo has been busy learning the secrets of water with Clan Ika and debuts as a stunning limited edition Formless Hanzo!

Formless Hanzo

Hanzo has been called many things over his long and storied life: master, teacher, monster. His team won the Moonlight Tournament twenty-two years ago through legendary speed and infamous cunning. He displayed all these qualities in the Sun Empire, but added another—treachery—for the first and only time, a Kagejima shinobi decided to stay with the Sun Court.


Few people have actually met Ishikawa Goemon, but almost everyone knows his name, either from fireside tales or wanted posters. Though a hunted man, Goeman has fought in the last three Moonlight Tournaments, daring authorities to arrest him. None have tried, and this has only emboldened him.

Blind Swordsman

For years, people from every walk of life have employed or assisted this pleasant, helpful man. He has worked as a chef, a healer, a tutor, a masseur, and more. Few people know that the exploitative landlords, corrupt magistrates, bandit leaders, and gangsters left maimed, ruined, or slain in his wake owe their demise to this humble man.

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