Masterclass Success!

Masterclass Success!

Greetings Ninjas,

Today we have exciting news for you regarding Masterclass and our goals for it. If you haven't already read our article on the Future of Masterclass please take a few moments to do so.

All done? Excellent!

We are incredibly pleased to let you know that, thanks to you, the Masterclass plan is succeeding. We have accomplished our first goal!

That's right. Masterclass has proven to be so popular that we have been able to take care of our existing obligations with our Masterclass manufacturers in only two months! This is only the beginning. We are already creating more Masterclass Miniatures for you, so that we can accomplish more goals.

That means it's time for—

Masterclass Goal #2

After much discussion, we have decided that Masterclass Goal #2 will be a 'core rules' Relic Knights Kickstarter Delivery. Here is what that entails:

  • Digest Format Rulebook from the 2-Player Starter
  • 2x Esper Decks, both esper decks from the 2-Player Starter
  • Darkspace Calamity Unit Deck, which includes cards for all of the units from Darkspace Calamity.
  • Existing Plastic and Resin Models, all of the existing plastic and resin models that we have in sufficient quantities to fulfill to every backer that purchased them.

You will note that two of the items above are from the 2-Player Starter. This means that when we deliver the 2-Player Starters they will not include the Digest Rulebook or Esper Decks, because you will already have them!

Our goal with this release wave is to provide every Relic Knights backer the core materials you need to start playing games of Relic Knights. This will have a carry-on effect of allowing us to release Relic Knights Masterclass models that you can play games with; further allowing us to expand our Masterclass goals towards deliveries for all of our Kickstarters.

We can’t wait to start playing Relic Knights! We are even more excited that our Masterclass Miniatures are helping us move towards the fulfillment of our Kickstarters inch-by-inch.

Thank you to every one of you who have been so supportive and patient as we work through our reorganization and revitalization of the brands we all love so much. Together, we are confident we will succeed!

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