Mistmourn Warg

Mistmourn Warg
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BARK BARK - It’s the Mistmourn Warg

The wargs of the Mistmourn Coast grow exceptionally dangerous. Unlike other wargs, they are not pack hunters. Instead, each one strikes out on its own to claim its territory. These beasts grow to exceptional size and are frequently manipulated by the Dark Consul against the heroes of Crystalia. When a warg leads the Consul’s minions into battle, its howl emboldens those around it, driving them into a frenzy with the warg at their backs.


Super Dungeon Mistmourn Warg


Beware the bite and howl of the Wargs of the Mistmourn Coast! This powerful Mini-Boss is packed to the fuzzy ears with scary stats and abilities. Starting things off right, the Warg is awfully fast. With a move of 8, he will pick his targets and be chewing on them before you can say “Lookout!”

With a powerful bite of 2 Blue and 2 Red per attack, adding that Chew Toy ability giving an additional Red STR and Massive Damage, this fuzzy fiend is all business. Howl helps to bring in all his buddies to the fight, this Aura 3 ability grants all other monsters in range an addition action. Yikes!


Super Dungeon Mistmourn Warg


With a few hard baked in abilities, Nip The Heels, Pack Strength, and Ravage all work in special synergy with this Warg's pack mates. Nip the Heels, means other friendly monsters within 3 squares and LoS, gain Ravage as well. Pack Strength allows any friendly monsters in 3 squares to also Heal 1 wound for each wound healed by a friendly monster in range. And lastly, Ravage. Not caring for themselves in the heat of battle, a monster with Ravage that scores damage on it’s target may choose to suffer one point of damage to inflict an additional wound to the target!

Break out the torches, it’s going to be a long night!


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