Nagari Archpoisoner

Nagari Archpoisoner
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Slither, Slither, Wither, Wither.

Whether or not these sinister agents truly serve the Light is a matter of much debate.

If you are playing and need some ranged de-buff support, the Archpoisoner is your girl, er… snake… Nagari!


Super Dungeon Nagari Archpoisoner


The Nagari Archpoisoner has a lot of means to get her venom into her enemies. Each aimed shot is coated in deadly poison, as she both inflicts Poison and is Immune to it. Her special attacks of Crimson Shot and Wither Away give her a punch to her ranged attacks and can inflict Bleed or Bane on target enemies. Beware the cloud of deadly darts and arrows she can unleash foul minions!


Super Dungeon Nagari Archpoisoner


She boasts a few helpful potions to boot. Poison Coating can give all offensive actions an additional Blue dice and Poison to any who drink it. Meanwhile Virulence add’s a Blue dice to any friendly model’s offensive rolls if their target is suffering from poison.


Don’t Get On Her Bad Side.


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