Nautical Machinations!

Nautical Machinations!
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Nautical Nonsense and Maniacal Machinations!

Far be it from the wild physical boundaries of the skies and oceans around Clockwork Cove to not be mastered by ingenious contraptions and the tinkering of Gnomish ingenuity. This week we introduce two newcomers to the salty sea dogs and pirates of the ocean blue. The Scuttle Knight and Deep Water Diver

Super Dungeon Skuttle Knight
Skuttle Knight is a Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


First, our brave Hero, the Scuttle Knight! Standing at the front of Clockwork Cove’s defenses, these brave gnomes are drawn from the glorious and noble ranks of any gnome who can build or purchase their own Skuttler. The Cove’s guilds certainly aren’t going to just give some young gimlet a clicking, clacking, clanking war walker. It’s far too busy selling them to venerable and wealthy gnomes who need mobility assistance and a means of putting the pinch on the help. 

Super Dungeon Deepwater Diver
Deepwater Diver is a Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


Amongst their brethren, there are even more mad gnomes who build great contraptions and steam powered suits that can survive the crushing depths and cold of the deep ocean. After some time, the pilots might go mad in the deep dark, preferring to stay locked in their mighty suits instead of brave the world without their protection. People, after all, can be much nastier than the monstrous predators of the deep.

Check out these two amazing and hulking models to add to your heroic warbands.


Explore The Depths!


Last Call For These Valiant Heroes!

Chuy and Apprentice Mage and Star Princess Candy will be leaving the store at the end of today. This will be the last time you'll see them in our store.

Super Dungeon Chuy and Apprentice Mage
Chuy and Apprentice Mage is a Limited Edition Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


Super Dungeon Star Princess Candy
Star Princess Candy is a Limited Edition Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


There's less than a day left to get your orders in before we make one last production run of Chuy and Apprentice Mage to fulfil outstanding orders.


Last Chance, Today!


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