New Frostbyte Heroes Now Available!

New Frostbyte Heroes Now Available!

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Brave the Frigid Frostbyte Reach! New Heroes arrived!


Princess Sapphire

 As the heir-apparent to the throne, Princess Sapphire will one day rule all of Crystalia. As the oldest of five sisters, Princess Sapphire raised her siblings after the disappearance of their mother and their father saw to the affairs of state. As a child of prophecy, Princess Sapphire is destined to break the Dark Consul’s hold upon the land. These burdens are enough to overwhelm even the strongest, but Sapphire does not bend, nor break. Determined, dependable, and possessing a keen intellect, Sapphire excels because of her challenges, not despite them.

Brinebreaker Skathi

Brinebreaker Skathi are rugged explorers and scouts. To be elevated to the ranks of the Skathi is an honor many young dwarves aspire to, but few can achieve. Independent and heroic to a fault, Skathi will brave unimaginable terrors and the most inhospitable of climes in service of hearth and home.

Blizzard Wizzard

 Ah, it is cold today my friend. Please, come warm yourself by my fire. What fire? Why this one right here? Oh dear, it appears to have gone cold. No bother, we shall shift to our true forms and be nice and toasty! You cannot shift, you say? That is most unfortunate. I suppose you will freeze then. A most unpleasant turn of affairs if I
do say so.
     —Recollections of a frostbitten freyjan.


Brave the Frigid Frostbyte Reach, Get Your New Heroes Now!


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