New Frosty Friends!

New Frosty Friends!
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Pets! Staying Frosty in Frostbyte!

Building off of the Super Dungeon: Pet Patrol and Pet Patrol - Print Edition expansions, we are also starting release of packs of noble pets, to join your adventurers, complete with new rules for play!


Frostbyte Pet Pack 1 is a Pet model set for Super Dungeon.


This week we are releasing some amazing packs of new Pets for your Dungeon romps! Pets work wonderfully with their heroic companions, offering a host of special abilities. Visit your local trainer today for some great options.


Frostbyte Pet Pack 2 is a Pet model set for Super Dungeon.


We will explore some of the unique abilities, rules, and models over the coming week. While we can imagine some amazing mash-ups with different heroes, we look forward to seeing your parties grow with a few companions for the ice realms of the Frostbyte.

Poe is a Pet model set for Super Dungeon.


We have had an awesome response to our Pets and Creeps sets! If you have not seen our recent releases, these sets include full packs of 6 creeps with rules to use in your games of Super Dungeon. 

Going back, there was been some call to make past creeps, not available in these new sets, into pets to accompany your heroes, so today, we are proud to bring you our first stand alone pet, Poe!


Super Dungeon Frostbyte Pet Bundle
Frostbyte Pets Bundle is a Pet model set for Super Dungeon.


Pets, these three sets will be available as part of a limited time discounted bundle available through Monday Feburary 28th, 2022.

So, light the fire, put on some Cocoa, and welcome our newest (mostly) furry friends!


Pick Up Your Pets, Today!




A sneak peek at the concepts of a pair of heart breakers, just for you!


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