New Masterclass Monday!

New Masterclass Monday!

Steelhorse Candy Rides!

Next Monday our celebration of Candy's 10th Anniversary continues with a brand new Limited Edition Masterclass Miniature, Steelhorse Candy!

Super Dungeon Steelhorse Candy

That's right, Rail Raiders Infinite is getting its very first Masterclass Miniature! 

After suffering a bit of a cake coma from her previous miniature, Candy is late for the raid and has hopped upon her trusty steel-horse to make her way to the space rail extra quick.

Steelhorse Candy features a new card for Rail Raiders Infinite, as well as a card to use her in your games of Super Dungeon! You know the mad tinkers and engineers of Clockwork Cove would love to get their hands on her mechanical steed!

In fact, one of them may just be joining Steelhorse Candy on her adventures next week...

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