New Masterclass Releases for Super Dungeon!

New Masterclass Releases for Super Dungeon!
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New Masterclass Miniature

Releases for Super Dungeon!

This week sees the release of three incredible new models for your Super Dungeon collections!

Princess Emerald

Princess Emerald has always been the most free-spirited of the Crystalian Princesses. Holding a deep love for the forest she has developed a mastery of nature craft rivaled only by the elves. 

Springtime Druid

The Festival of Spring is celebrated throughout Crystalia, each culture of the realms celebrating it in their own unique way. Overseeing the festivities are the Springtime Druids. These bright and cheerful druids serve as emissaries of the Deeproot Tree, pushing back the corruption of the Dark Consul and allowing new life to bloom. 


Few Freyjan's ever leave the frozen spires of the Frostbyte Reach. Those who do are captivated by wanderlust and endless curiosity. Nyan-Nyan shares the curious lucky streak common among her people, allowing her to escape the most dire situations unharmed. 


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