New Radiant Units Arrive

New Radiant Units Arrive
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Dan D. Starship and Rhouss Fixer Now Available!

Relic Knights sees the addition of new Radiant forces this month with the release of Dan D. Starship and the Rhouss Fixer!

As Radiant units both Dan D. and the Rhouss Fixer can be fielded by Doctrine, Cerci Speed Circuit, and Shattered Sword factions, in addition to a Radiant only faction.

Rhouss Fixer

Fixers are, um, well, crazy. They have a passion for technology that clearly crosses the line into “dangerously obsessive”. Most also display a recklessness toward their own safety that, as often as not, makes them a danger to themselves and anyone within the blast radius of whatever they’re currently working on. They can seemingly repair almost anything with enough random materials.

If you need almost any machine built to order, find a fixer. Hell, find the right fixer, and she’ll likely show you her collection of super weapons that you can by off the shelf. They’re almost instinctive hackers—true savants, some of them. No system is really secure when a fixer is on the job.

The Rhouss Fixer includes options to build the model with with either Plasma Blazer or Esperic H4X gear.

Dan D. Starship

Dan is… Okay, Pepper always says that Dan is two hit singles and a solid live album away from being one of the biggest human performers in the Last Galaxy. She says he’d be a star if he could just stay out of his own way. She’s right, obviously—I mean, she’s always right—but that’s not who Dan is. Dan’s not going to do the smart things if those things don’t suit him. He’s going to be true to himself and succeed or fail because of that. And that, really, is what I love about him. Even if it means he ends his days as an almost-famous singer.

Dan D. Starship is presented as a collector's model while their 2nd Edition rules are in development. When their rules are complete free downloadable cards will be available.

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