New Super Dungeon Novel Trilogy Announced!

New Super Dungeon Novel Trilogy Announced!
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New Super Dungeon Novel Trilogy From Future House!

Super Dungeon's adventure into the literary world continues with the announcement of a brand new Super Dungeon trilogy from Future House Publishing and author Christopher Keene!

Here's Future House Publishing's official announcement: 


Super Dungeon Stories Continue with the Upcoming Castletown Series
The release of Christopher Keene’s The Midnight Queen in June was a bittersweet one. It marked the end of the five-book Super Dungeon Series, authored by six of Future House’s authors, and told the story of the Heroes of Crystalia as they battled epic monsters and tracked down the adventuring princesses in the furthest reaches of the realm. 


The multi-author project, combined with the release of limited-edition miniature figures of the main characters, has been one of the most ambitious projects Future House has ever done. It brought to life the bestselling tabletop strategy game Super Dungeon for fans both old and new.
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But we’re not ready to say goodbye just yet . . . . There is so much left to explore, after all!


We’re thrilled to announce that Christopher Keene will be continuing Otto the Royal Paladin’s story from The Midnight Queen in a new three-book series! Yes, you read that right, three more books! The story will pick up where The Midnight Queen left off, and you’ll see some familiar faces from characters earlier in the Super Dungeon Series


You might know Christopher Keene from his recent fantasy adventure novel, War of Kings and Monsters, or his growing litRPG Dream State Saga series. Christopher’s ability to write books with richly depicted worlds with magic, mayhem, and plenty of twists and turns makes this announcement all the more exciting.
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We’re eager to read more epic battles full of adventure and magic, and we hope you are too! For more information about the Super Dungeon Castletown series, follow us on social media and keep an eye out for updates on our website!


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