New Year, New Ninja!

New Year, New Ninja!
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New Ninja for Super Dungeon!

The ninja invasion of Crystalia continues with FIVE new ninjas getting rules for your games of Super Dungeon!

Sun Empire Wandering Samurai

Ever watchful for weakness, the Sun Empire’s agents can turn up anywhere, and discovering them and sending them politely on their way has become a game among many clans. Of late, though, many skilled warriors of the Sun Court have turned up and offered their services to interested parties. Such is the cut-throat nature of Kagejima’s politics—especially the prestige attached to the Moonlight Tournament—that they often find those willing to employ them.

The Sun Empire Wandering Samurai is a new Hero for your games of Super Dungeon!


Devotion to duty is a hallmark of many on Kagejima. For Benkei, devotion to duty is a defining characteristic. While his martial skill serves him well, it is his utter devotion to the Moon Throne that imparts his famous strength and fearlessness. They say that the gods could not move Benkei when he takes a stand in the Princess’s name.

Benkei is a new Hero for your games of Super Dungeon!


At age 14, Mizaru lost his sight to a witch’s curse, and his story might have ended there. He refused to become bitter and focused his anger in learning to overcome his injury. Instead, he honed his senses until he could navigate roads and trails by sound and the touch of his scabbard, identify people by scent, and track any movement by the barest noise.

Mizaru is a new Hero for your games of Super Dungeon!


The Ika are more than just fishermen and trades. They are charged by the Princess herself with watching and protecting Kagejima’s coasts. Serious in demeanor, strategically clever, and ruthless in battle, Mizuchi’s ship the Honor of Ishika, and a hail of fire arrows, are often the last things would-be invaders ever see.

Mizuchi is a new Hero for your games of Super Dungeon!


As a mortal, Onibaba would lure stragglers from battles, finishing off any who survived her traps and sell their possessions. One night, she pulled a mask from a dark and terrible samurai and slipped the mask over her face. The dark power in the mask touched the festering rot in her soul and would not let go. Soon the mortal hag was gone, replaced by an ageless, devouring horror that has stalked Kagejima’s places of slaughter ever since.

Onibaba is a new Dungeon Boss for your games of Super Dungeon!


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