Now Available!

Now Available!

Today sees the release of several amazing products for fans of Super Dungeon, Relic Knights, and GUTS!

Alabaster Automata - Ninja Division

Alabaster Automata for Relic Knights!

This stunning model is a delight for players and collectors alike. She includes downloadable cards for you to print-and-play in your games of Relic Knights: 2nd Edition.


The Forgotten King returns!

In the depths of our warehouse, a small supply of slightly damaged Forgotten King boxed sets have been lurking waiting to emerge. We are making these sets available at a reduced price, due to some small dinks-and-dents on the corners and edges. 

Along with the core games, we also have stock of upgrade decks and a tiny, tiny number of old Forgotten King "Bonus" Boxes. 


GUTS Sherman - Ninja Division

GUTS Panzer - Ninja Division

GUTS rumbles back in stock!

The GUTS project is on hold (for now), so we are clearing out our entire remaining stock of these incredible miniatures. If you ever wanted to play your favorite WWII game with hordes of chibi tanks and soldiers, now is your chance!

Available in Shojo's Shop Now!


For general enquiries, customer service and more information on Ninja Division products, please do not hesitate to
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