Of Webs and the Wicked

Of Webs and the Wicked

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Of Webs and the Wicked

Submitted for your attention, two cautionary tales for adventurers of the shadow island of Kagejima!



Beware the Web of the Jorogumo

A horror, a cautionary tale, and a powerful opponent, the spider women called Jorogumo are useful, if questionable, allies.

They descend from a witch. Centuries ago, she haunted the rivers and lakes of Kagejima and rescued the unwary or unfortunate from drowning.  Full of kind words, she helped them to her home, and gave them dry clothes and warm soup.  Slowly, she poisoned them, wrapped them in paralyzing power, and used them for dark and terrible spells.  The magics she worked were too much for the land to bear, and Kagejima itself cursed this wicked woman with a shape that evoked her horrid nature.  This terrible judgment carried to her offspring, who came to bear her form and her name.  None trust the Joromugo, but a few unscrupulous warriors will employ them for their speed, strength, and enticing song.



Jorogumo are some of the most terrifying things to stalk Kagejima.  In a land full of deadly assassins, powerful spellcasters, and monstrous Oni that is saying something!  Not all Jorogumo share their progenitors predisposition towards heinous rituals, but most on Kagejima feel it better to be safe than sorry.

Beware her poisoned attacks and ensnaring web, Jorogumo is a powerful boss for players looking for a challenge.


Super Dungeon Jorogumo


Don't Tarry Behind on those Moonless nights, beware the Onibaba

Once upon a time, when the Onibaba was still mortal, she would lurk outside of the battlefields of Kagejima and wait till night.  Once the dark came, she would lure stragglers into clever traps, finishing off wayward samurai and other fighters, to descend on them like a ghoul, taking anything of value and selling it off.

One night, she pulled a finely crafted mask from a fallen samurai, it radiated a dark and powerful aura.  Once she slipped it over her face, in that instant, she was bound to the mask.  Two festering dark hearts, consuming her soul in its entirety.  In no time at all, the once old woman was now a possessed hag, a deathless horror that still stalks places of bloodshed for stragglers to devour.

Onibaba is a powerful enemy and boss to encounter in games of Super Dungeon.  Don’t go in thinking you will be well equipped for the fight, she will feed off of your items, and cripple you before devouring you entirely.


Super Dungeon Onibaba


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