One Month Left for Limited Editions!

One Month Left for Limited Editions!
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A Not So Long Time Ago...

It's been a month since Star Princess Candy stole the plans for the Consul’s greatest weapon yet, the Nether Monolith, and handed them to her companions Colo, Cheeto and a Hermit Swordmage.

And now there is only a month left to order these Limited Edition miniatures and help them use the plans to save the people of Crystalia and restore freedom to the Goddess’s lands.


Super Dungeon Hermit Swordmage

Hermit Swordmage is a Limited Edition Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


The Hermit Swordmage is a master of the Arcadian Sword Arts. Blending magic and swordsmanship in a seamless dance of blazing attacks with their glowing blades.


Super Dungeon Colo & Cheeto
Colo & Cheeto is a Limited Edition Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


Cheeto and Colo have become a powerful force for good in the borderlands of the Consul’s dark power. Well armored, and with impressive reach, Cheeto can handle all but the most hearty enemies in a fight.

These Limited Edition Masterclass model sets will be available to order only until Midnight, June 29th!


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