Onryo, Chōchin-Obake & Gentle Natsuko

Onryo, Chōchin-Obake & Gentle Natsuko
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Onryo, Chōchin-Obake & Gentle Natsuko

Sometimes, in the grip of an awful terror, people do not always pass into the next world at rest. These revenge spirits are terrible, and haunt their tormentors without mercy. In a land of shadows and daggers, one can imagine a great many spirits don't find rest, such as it is for Onryo, who has been haunting anyone who would disturb the still waters of her grave, until they are lying with her in the cold dark.


Super Dungeon Onryo


Kagejima is a weird and supernatural place. The shadows are long and deep. Many of the people who make their home there have a deep and extraordinary understanding of the arcane and spiritual. Even so, the spirit world is still not completely understood. Ghosts, souls, and the veil between this world and the next remain pretty oblique. Hungry ghosts such as Onryo are sadly fairly common due to the island's long history of vicious strife.



When the spirits seek to break the veil between life and death, it is the Chōchin-Obake who light the way. The more powerful of these ghostly apparitions pull the Chōchin-Obake through with them so that the ghostly minions can illuminate the souls of the living.


Super Dungeon Chōchin-Obake


There is not much that can keep these drifting minions from doing their duty. Their lanterns light the way for all to see, friend of foe. To get caught in their ghostly lamplight is to draw the ire of anything in sight. Such is their link to their dungeon’s lord, the lifeforce they can siphon from unlucky heroes will go to rejuvenate and heal the dungeon’s boss.


Gentle Natsuko

Ghosts cling to this world for many reasons: hate, vengeance, unfinished works. But those Chōchin-Obake who accompany heroes are usually fallen comrades, looking to save their friends one last time. Sometimes they even sacrifice their own souls, flaring out in one brilliant moment in the hopes of keeping those they loved in life safe.


Super Dungeon Chōchin-Obake


It is certainly an honor, albeit a creepy reminder of ones own mortality, to be joined by Gentle Natsuko. With equally sympathetic abilities of it’s darker cousins, they can heal when successfully landing powerful blows, they can light the way for lost heroes, often scouting ahead through walls and other barriers that the corporeal cannot venture. There is a finesse to using a pet ghost, but one worth mastering.


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