Origin of the Freyjan

Origin of the Freyjan
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Origin of the Freyjan

Many races exist within the realm of Crystalia but the Freyjans are among the most unnatural of them all. The first freyjan were chimera created by the Dark Consul as he laid the groundwork for his war. A cursed fusion of great mountain cats with humans, the Consul left these savage and fierce creatures to haunt the shadows of the Frostbyte Reach. There they remained and hunted in the darkness for years before their maker called them to battle.


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The Freyjan burst from the ice-gripped mountain forests in a great tide, destroying all in their path as they gathered to the Dark Consul’s banner. After his defeat, they cut another swathe of devastation as they returned to the lands they knew as home. A few strayed to the Arcadian Dunes where they became the Tonnerian Tribes.  But most, lost and alone, returned to the only life they had ever known - living and fighting as highly territorial, savage peoples who waged countless wars—large and small—against the dwarves, humans, and jotnar.


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Time passed and the land itself began to fundamentally change the freyjan’s character. Each generation felt a deeper connection to Cystalia, so the old ways suited them less and less. One small pride exploring their new nature found a stranger half buried in snow, who had succumbed to the grim cold of the Reach. They rescued this man, a monk who was on a pilgrimage to seek the jotnars’ wisdom, and nursed him back to health. As the Pride cared for the monk, they also learned the ways of Goddess and found the discipline they never knew they needed.


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The pride enthusiastically embraced these teachings, so at odds with their chaotic nature! Perhaps that was why they found it so appealing; self-discipline and monastic practices gave them a way to truly find their place without the legacy of eternal conflict from their origins. The monk found his new purpose and travelled amongst the tribes who, in turn, gleefully adopted and adapted his ideas to better suit the freyjan nature. They developed a culture of steady ritual and constant work to master that which cannot be mastered. Though each individual embraces them to different degrees, the monk’s teachings have remained the foundations of freyjan society to this day no matter where they are in Crystalia. 


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