Outcast Vampyr

Outcast Vampyr
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It’s Pronounced Whamp-Ear!

Baron Von Drakk is not a fan of other vampires. In order to remain in his good graces they must show total obedience to his whims. While such deference can reap great rewards, more headstrong vampires seek alternate paths to achieve the glory they so rightfully deserve. A small few even attempt to tread the Hero’s path. They are rarely welcomed warmly. Thus the Guild du Vampyr was formed in an effort at rebranding. It has found surprising success with the more shadowy heroic elements. They’re even considering franchising.


Super Dungeon Outcast Vampyr


Players will enjoy a hero with FLY built into his stats, along with short DEX and WILL based attacks at the ready. And… it’s okay to be the greedy type, with Hunger and Heart Attack you will be putting that blood to some use. Hearts count double when rolled, but the Outcast Vampyr must be healed fully before sharing with his friends. “Mine!”


Super Dungeon Outcast Vampyr


Like all Vampires, the Outcast Vampyr is a paragon of his kind. Controlling enemies with his Compel ability or, if successful, with powers like A Taste of You control your enemies first actions on their turn. This level of control, along with a Wave Missile attack with Poison will put this character at the center of the fight, healing with every wound he deals out, drenched in that life sustaining nectar he so craves.


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