Pauper Prince and Prince's Guild Concept Preview

Pauper Prince and Prince's Guild Concept Preview

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Pauper Prince and Prince's Guild

Concept Preview

Clockwork Cove is a bastion of innovation and industry. Over the past few months we have begun to see the Heroes that call the Cove home; including the doughty Makerguild Engineer, the infamous second story man Faris, and even the renowned Princess Citrine herself!

But beneath the bellowing forges, the clanking constructs, and the grinding cogs lies the Undercove, a bastion for the forgotten and dispossessed. The Undercove is a dungeon unlike any other, and has given rise to a wholly unique sort of Dungeon Boss—The Pauper Prince and his nefarious ne'er-do-wells the Prince's Guild!

Super Dungeon Pauper Prince

Today, we preview the concept art for this band of brigands who will be making their way to your dungeons soon!

*Somebody get the Witch Exterminator over here. We're gonna need her!


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