Pauper Prince: Gameplay

Pauper Prince: Gameplay
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Pay a Toll to the Pauper Prince!

Didn’t you know, all travelers in the Undercove must pay the Prince’s due.

Any unlucky band of heroes finding themselves lurking through the smelly dank tunnels of the Undercove are bound to come to a few sparks of intuition. One, baths with soap and hot water are as essential as eating at times, and Two, beware the one they call the Pauper Prince!


Super Dungeon Pauper Prince


This dastardly boss has a number of tricks up his ratty sleeves that will surely challenge even the more experienced adventurers. Let’s take a look together.

The Pauper Prince, first and foremost is an imposing creature, a powerfully built troll. His immense STR and ARM stats mean you don’t want to be in arms reach when he starts lashing about with his cane. His lineage also affords him some benefits, first of all he is Sturdy, meaning he can only take a single wound from any attack action. Second, as with most Trolls, he is Tough, healing a single wound back at the start of each of his phases.


Super Dungeon Pauper Prince


Beyond his raw power, he is also sneaky. His hard baked ability, Dibs, is used in combination with his minion's ability, Yoink! With this the Pauper Prince can work with his ratty minions and creeps to equip any loot they can pilfer off of heroes as if he was a hero himself, greatly increasing his combat capabilities. As he tends to end up with so much loot on his person, he will often discard it via This Is Junk, a range 6 STR attack with Massive Damage.

Take care not to feel the need to take a lot of loot with you, for a fool and his loot are soon separated in the dark of the Undercove. Delve into the dark sewers at your own peril!


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