Pet Patrol: Creeps

Pet Patrol: Creeps
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Unlike Pets, Creeps have fallen under the sway of the Dark Consul. They are not the most powerful force at the Consul’s disposal, but their frailty and malleability make them the perfect lackeys to perform mundane tasks such as fetching ingredients for a powerful spell or relaying messages.  Every Dungeon Boss has their own favorite Creeps which they use to help carry out a variety of malicious plots.


Super Dungeon: Pet Patrol


A good explorer is ever watchful for kobolds and rocktops, but there are many piles of bleaching bones of adventurers who did not take heed of the scurrying of smaller creatures lurking at the edges of the vision in the shadow. For all the dungeoneers out there, there are a great many things to be wary of when combating the Dark Consul on his own turf. Unlike your faithful Pets, the creeps are smaller and less intelligent minions under the Dark Consul’s sway.


Super Dungeon: Pet Patrol


Dungeon Boss delight in having scurrying swarms of creatures of all kinds infesting their dungeons. They serve well as lookouts, ambushers, and sometimes, tasty snacks. Though there are many types covered, and many more yet to be revealed, it’s always good to know what you are up against. Who doesn’t love the colored slimes that will lovingly latch on to your equipped loot, making it useless, or the rabid squirrels that will run underfoot and up your pant leg looking for tasty treats. It’s a wild world out there, and you don’t want to end up dinner.


Super Dungeon: Pet Patrol


Since Creeps can be added to games of Super Dungeon Explore AND Arcade mode, it’s worth picking up a few to have about the dungeons. Players may reference their plot cards as they will tell you how to spawn in your Creeps and any special rules for them. We look forward to seeing your dungeons spring to life with the wide and endless variety of challenges in store!


Call Forth the Servants of the Consul!


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