Pet Patrol: Explore Plot Deck

Pet Patrol: Explore Plot Deck
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The Explore Plot Deck

The Explore Plot Deck represents malicious plans that the Consul is trying to hatch. Since Creeps are the key lackeys of any self-respecting Dungeon Boss, they play a major role in these plans.



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At the start of the game, the Consul draws three plot cards from the Explore Plot Deck, selects one and names a Creep. This is the only type of Creep that will be spawned by Plot Cards this game. Similarly, the Consul cannot select a Creep for the Plot that is spawned by the Dungeon Boss. You can have more than one type of Creep in play so, if you need to, just spawn another type of Creep.


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As part of their dastardly deeds the Consul can look at the Plot Card at any time but the Heroes can never peek!


Playing an Explore Plot Card

The Consul plays their Plot Card in the power-up phase during the turn listed on the card. It takes time for schemes to come together but timing is everything, if the Consul doesn’t play the card on the specified turn it cannot be used!



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If the Mighty Monster chart marches on outside the Consul’s control, the Plot Card is played when the relevant space is reached even if it’s not the power-up phase, things went awry but the Consul adapts! If the turn isn’t reached, probably because the Dungeon Boss raged out of control, the card will never be played. Plot Cards replace the effects of the Mighty Monster chart for that turn, allowing unexpected variety to come into your games.


Discarding an Explore Plot Card

Sometimes there’s a way to overcome the Consul’s evil and it’s a Hero’s duty to defeat those pesky Creeps! All effects of a Plot Card are active until it is discarded, so getting rid of it is a priority for the Heroes.  A Plot Card lists the discard trigger, such as destroying a certain number of Creeps, so be sure to check it after it’s been revealed by the Consul. If they’re lucky, Heroes may even get a reward for discarding the plot card, such as drawing a treasure afterwards!



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Plot cards add excitement and spice to vary up your games of Super Dungeon Explore while allowing you to bring even more of your collection to the table!


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