Pet Patrol: Pets!

Pet Patrol: Pets!
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Pets have a few different features as to how they are played in Super Dungeon 2nd edition. This is Summoning, Activation, Destruction, Master Buffs, and Experience Buffs.


Super Dungeon: Pet Patrol


In games of Super Dungeon, players who wish to use pets select a Pet immediately after selecting their hero during the Select Heroes step of Game Setup. Depending on the size of your game, 1 or 2 pets will be randomly selected to join your party from the start of the game.  Cards and models for remaining Pets are set aside. Pets can be summoned later during play by sacrificing a number of loot cards in your turn equal to the Pets summoning value.


Super Dungeon: Pet Patrol


Activation for Pets hasn’t changed a lot, a Pet immediately activates following it’s master. This, of course, does not count against the limit of Heroes you can activate during the Heroes turn. Destroying Pets is also a possibility. Should they suffer wounds and be removed, they can be returned via the summoning action as described before.

Pets offer so much, companionship, early warnings against monster ambush, and snuggly cuddles. More than that, each Pet provides a unique buff to their master.


Super Dungeon: Pet Patrol


As Pets traverse the dungeon, they will pick up new skills and grow in strength as well. To represent this, Pets benefit from bonuses granted by the mighty monster chart as if they were an 8-bit monster!


Summon Your Loyal Companion!


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