Pirates Ahoy!

Pirates Ahoy!
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Ahoy Mateys! The black flag has been spotted!

Beware! The dread silhouette of pirate ships can be seen lurking in the mists. This month we are releasing the infamous Black-Handed Henry, the Barnacled Shipwreck Spawn Point, Loose Cannons and a limited appearance of Captain R with a special offer! (See the end of this article for more details).


Super Dungeon Black-Handed Henry
Black-Handed Henry is a Dungeon BossHero and Pet & Creeps model set for Super Dungeon.


Get a powerful double hitter with Black-Handed Henry and his Pet Parrot, Polly. This model offers you an excellent Dungeon Boss to throw against your adventurer party, or a great Hero to add to some dungeoneering pirate explorers! Prepare for a broadside of pirate goodness! Swill down yer grog! And prepare for the booty!


Super Dungeon Loose Cannons
Loose Cannons is a Creeps model set for Super Dungeon.


While Henry’s inventive mind excels at potions, he also has a knack for artifice. Not surprisingly this knack is often applied to the art of potion making, storing, shaking, and, as in the case of the Loose Cannon — delivery. Specifically, the delivery of highly explosive and volatile potion filled munitions.


Super Dungeon Barnacled Shipwreck


Don’t forget to have some appropriately themed baddies to show up and ruin your perfect ocean cruise. True to the Drowned Isle, the salty sea is crawling with brigands, privateers, and the boney and restless dead of Davy Jones’ locker. Add this new Spawning Point to your collection today!


Super Dungeon Captain R
Captain R is a Mini-Boss and Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


Finally, Captain R! If you make an order over $150 that includes Black-Handed Henry, you will receive Captain R for FREE! (While Supplies Last)

Simply make a purchase including Black-Handed Henry and a basket total of $150 or more (excluding postage), and we'll add Captain R to your order, when it ships out, completely free! You've only got a week to take advantage of this offer as it ends midnight, April 27th, or until our supplies are exhausted.


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