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Poe! Gloomy Gloomy Poe!

Poe is sitting. Still they’re sitting. Still sitting. Sitting. Sitting. Sitting still. Okay. Very still now. Yes. There’s som– nope. Just a shadow. Still sitting. Oh. In that shadow, floats my soul. Clever Poe.


Super Dungeon Poe


The ever gloomy, and ever shadowy Poe! Though this creepy little birdie can wreak havoc as a rather powerful creep in the Elrik Boss pack, he is exceptionally fun to bring along on your adventures in the Dungeons of Crystalia as a pet!


Super Dungeon Poe


This exceptionally gloomy side-kick reduces the defence of any enemy within 2 squares due in part to his eerie presence, and also to his special rule Despair. Combined with the ability to inflict Bane with his special action - he is just the kind of birdie you want in your corner when you have to face down the baddies.


Pick Up A Pet Poe!


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