Poe! Gloomy Gloomy Poe!

Poe! Gloomy Gloomy Poe!
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Poe! Gloomy Gloomy Poe!

Poe is sitting. Still they’re sitting. Still sitting. Sitting. Sitting. Sitting still. Okay. Very still now. Yes. There’s som– nope. Just a shadow. Still sitting. Oh. In that shadow, floats my soul. Clever Poe.


Super Dungeon Poe


There seems to be a tagalong with this months Frostbyte bundle, the ever gloomy, and ever shadowy Poe! Included free with purchase of the Frostbyte Pets Bundle. So, rejoice, though this creepy little birdie can wreak havoc as a rather powerful creep in the Elrik Boss pack, he is exceptionally fun to bring along on your adventures in the Dungeons of Crystalia as a pet!


Super Dungeon Poe


This exceptionally gloomy side-kick reduces the defence of any enemy within 2 squares due in part to his eerie presence, and also to his special rule Despair. Combined with the ability to inflict Bane with his special action - he is just the kind of birdie you want in your corner when you have to face down the baddies.

So be sure to get the Frostbyte Pets Bundle, available this month only, and receive a free Poe with your order!


Pick Up Poe In The Pet Bundle, Today!



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