Potions And Pumpkins!

Potions And Pumpkins!
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We are happy to introduce to you, this spooky Halloween season, new scary offerings to your games of Super Dungeon!

Agents of Black-Handed Henry are not always working for the Pirate without a great deal of leverage at their back. This month sees us bringing several of the crews most notorious arch-potioners.

Introducing the Skeleton Lich, Spider Guild Otaku, and Demon Matchmaker! With a little bit of shore-leave, these salty alchemists can really stir up some trouble. We will explore some of their abilities and play style in more detail in later articles, but for now, feast your eyes!


Super Dungeon Skeleton Lich
Skeleton Lich is a Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


Super Dungeon Spider Guild Otaku
Spider Guild Otaku is a Hero model set for Super Dungeon.


Super Dungeon Demon Matchmaker
Demon Matchmaker is a Hero and Mini-Boss model set for Super Dungeon.


Further to the spooky denizens of Black-Handed Henry’s ship is a new addition to our monsters and bosses of renown. Meet The Crownless Princess! She is cursed to wander without her head, and will do anything to be reunited with it, but yours will do in a pinch.


Super Dungeon The Crownless Princess
The Crownless Princess is a Mini-BossHero, Pet and Creeps model set for Super Dungeon.


Get ready to rattle some bones, delve into more than you ever wanted to know about spider trivia and charm those cute little monsters with our characterful heroes! Perhaps you can even keep your head around The Crownless Princess long enough to take her down or even bring her into your party if you dare...

These wonderful models are currently in production and are expected to begin shipping on Friday 4th of November ready for your spook infested dungeons!


Let The Festivities Begin!


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