Prepare for Devil Island!

Prepare for Devil Island!
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Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island Starter

Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures are excited to announce the Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island Starter!

What is Devil Island?

Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island is a standalone starter set for Super Dungeon: Explore 2nd Edition. It includes a 2nd Edition Rulebook, Hero and Monster Miniatures, Tokens, Loot and Treasure Decks, Super Dungeon Dice, and Dungeon Tiles.

What's more, it includes the very first Super Dungeon: Legends campaign! The Devil Island Legends Campaign provides you with a series of linked, narrative adventures featuring the Heroes Momotaro, Saru, Adzuki, and Kiji as they seek to defeat Bomechan and her foul Clan Ijin pirates! The Legends campaign includes quests for your Heroes to accomplish, loot and treasure they can keep from game to game, and dastardly power up cards for the Consul.

Just for good measure, it also includes a Limited Edition Masterclass Miniature that is only available in this set!

What if I'm a Legends Kickstarter Backer?

Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island is part of our continuing strategy towards raising enough funds to complete production and fulfill your rewards. It has been a long hard road, and Devil Island is the next step on the path forward by providing new and veteran players alike with a Super Dungeon experience to enjoy with their Masterclass Miniatures.

Legends backers will also be provided with a discount code to get Devil Island at a reduced cost, so that you can get all the new material and begin playing Super Dungeon easily.

When Can I Get It?

Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island will be going on preorder this Monday, September 21st. That's right, you only need to wait one weekend! Preorders will last for two weeks and then we will make our initial production order. Devil Island is a print-on-demand product so we are doing a preorder to ensure we order enough copies to meet initial demand. 

We will then maintain regular stock of Devil Island. However, Devil Island is Limited Edition and will only available as long as our existing stock of Clan Ijin holds out. So don't miss out!

Over the next several weeks, we will be previewing the content for Devil Island, as well as showing you more glimpses of what we have planned for the future of Super Dungeon. 

Get those hearts and potions ready, because Super Dungeon: Explore is right around the corner!


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