Princesses of Crystalia

Princesses of Crystalia
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The Princesses of Crystalia and the Prophecy

“Be at peace my children, but do not fall into idleness.
Darkness will return, it is a part of this world as much as I.
Do not despair, for valiant hearts will once again return it to shadow.
When I am needed, you will find me in five souls of royal blood.
United, they will once again cast away the darkness.”


Super Dungeon Princess Sapphire


King Jasper III has been blessed with five lovely daughters, each worthy of being a future queen of Crystalia. Each Princess characteristic and strong in her own way, powerful warriors and users of magic. Each one frustrating their father to no end, with their endless drive to adventure and join heroes on their various quests. No matter how much he forbids them, it makes them try all the harder to get out!


Super Dungeon Princess Emerald


A prophecy passed down through the wise sages of Crystalia speaks of a time when darkness will battle for the soul of the lands. Only the five female children of the king, unified, will be able to drive it forever from their lands. This was a great boon and the kingdoms great hope when the fifth daughter, Amethyst, was born.


Super Dungeon Princess Citrine


The Dark Consul's Spirit, ever pressing to return to the lands of Crystalia, knew the prophecy the Goddess had prescribed and knew that the princesses could be his undoing. With great effort, his shadow pierced the veil of his banishment. Little more than a shade, the spirit of the Dark Consul swept across the land. On the morning of Amethyst's 16th birthday, she kissed her father sweetly and went out into the castle grounds--never to return...the prophecy, undone.


Super Dungeon Princesses Of Crystalia


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