Professor Cackle-Clink

Professor Cackle-Clink
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Oh Gnome You Didn’t!

Gnomes are not subtle people, and their approach to mining reflects this. They frequently employ giant, steam-powered “excavators” that blow chunks of mountainside away with a huge cannon, leaving rubble that can be sorted through later. After all, anything that didn’t survive the blast probably wasn’t worth excavating anyway.

Today we look at Professor Cackle-Clink, the gnomish Dungeon Boss. Heroes better keep their heads down and their eyes up, this gnome is out to make you rubble.


Super Dungeon Professor Cackle-Clink


As one might imagine with a trundling excavator at his beck and call, the Professor has a pretty strong stat line. 2 Green armor, range 10 attack with 2 Red and 2 Green and 4 actions make him a strong enemy to face. With the traits Burrow and Run Down anyone unlucky to get close to him will face the excavator bursting through terrain and walls to get at them, and if he lands on a heroes square, he automatically inflicts Compel and an automatic wound, yikes!


Super Dungeon Professor Cackle-Clink


The flavor comes in the many horrible things the Professor will be lobbing at you through his cannon in addition to trying to run you down with his spikey wheels. Juggernaut is a Lance 4, Charge that does not require LOS that hits with 4 Red dice for the attack. Firing a Fragmentation Shell will lend Burst 2 and Knockdown to his missile attack and Concussion shells will focus the attack for Massive Damage.

Put the fear of Gnome’s into your opponents with this frightfully overengineered level boss.


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